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Benbrook, TX Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning In Benbrook, TX

As one of the suburbs in Fort Worth, Benbrook has plenty of small-town charm. There’s plenty of rural landscape for your pets to enjoy, but unfortunately, that won’t stop them from tracking dirt onto your carpets and flooring. 

The good news is that with the help of Power Steam Carpet Cleaning, you can keep your carpets looking fresh and clean for years to come – whether you have pets or too much foot traffic. Here’s everything that Benbrook residents should know about our residential services, commercial services, how pet deodorizing can help, and whether you should use Tarrant County cleaning services for your Benbrook business. 

Residential Carpet Cleaning In Benbrook

No matter how clean you try to keep your home, your carpet is bound to end up riddled with germs, hair, and plenty of other contaminants over time. Leaving germs too long to set into your carpet will allow bacteria to fester, so regular cleaning for your residential Benbrook carpet is crucial. 

With a track record that goes back to 1981, Power Steam Carpet Cleaning has decades of experience cleaning carpets in Benbrook and surrounding areas of Texas. Our residential cleaning services go beyond just carpet cleaning – our experts also specialize in: 

  • Cleaning upholstery, drapes, and area rugs
  • Carpet repair and restretching
  • Cleaning tiles, grout, and wood flooring
  • Flood removal, restoration, and water extraction from your carpets
  • 3M Scotchgard and pet deodorizer

To keep your home looking its best, call on the experts at Power Steam Carpet Cleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Benbrook

Just because your Benbrook business may not be dealing with pets doesn’t mean you have clean carpets. The carpets in your commercial business are just as at risk for picking up germs, contaminants, and bacteria – especially if your business sees regular foot traffic from employees or customers. And that coffee spill or an odd odor won’t appeal to customers, no matter your industry. 

Not only do we use truck-mounted equipment to ensure hotter, more effective steam, but we’ll use high traffic lane power scrubbing to get out the toughest stains. Some of the most common commercial properties that we serve include: 

  • Retail stores 
  • Offices
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Small businesses
  • Medical facilities
  • Restaurants 

A clean carpet will make for a healthier, cleaner work environment for your employees – as well as a more comfortable experience for your customers or clients. 

Do You Have Pets In Your Benbrook Home? Then You Might Need Pet Deodorizing Services

Just because your carpets look clean doesn’t mean they are, especially if you’ve got dogs, cats, or other pets running through your home on a regular basis. Dogs and cats can track in mud, shed pet hair, and leave other odors and stains on your flooring. 

It only takes one housetraining accident from that new puppy or kitten for bacteria and nasty odors to settle into your carpet and remain there for years to come. 

These stains can penetrate your carpet, which is exactly what our 3M Scotchgard works to prevent. While the 3M Scotchgard protection keeps unsightly stains away, our pet deodorizing service eliminates odors. 

You won’t be able to completely prevent pet hair or odors from getting into your carpet, no matter how well you train your pets. Vacuuming up pet hair may help, but even that won’t completely cut it. 

While you may get used to the smell or sight of these odors and stains, you shouldn’t have to deal with the extra bacteria – or worry about guests entering your home. 

Are The Carpets In Your Benbrook Business In Need Of A Good Clean?

Regular carpet cleaning is necessary but especially important for your Benbrook business. A carpet full of stains or smelly odors won’t just distract your employees but may deter customers or even affect your business’ reputation with enough time. As mentioned previously, just because you may not see the stains doesn’t mean there isn’t dirt, bacteria, or allergens sitting in your carpet. 

While DIY carpet cleaning methods – like rental machines or homemade solutions – may seem like affordable alternatives, they aren’t nearly as effective as professional steam cleaning. They may get rid of some of your stains and odors, but not all of them. 

Regular vacuuming is essential, but if you really want to keep your Benbrook business carpets clean, you’ll need the professional services of Power Steam Carpet Cleaning. If you would like to learn more about our residential or commercial carpet cleaning services or schedule a professional clean, don’t wait – contact us at Power Steam Carpet Cleaning today to learn more about keeping your Benbrook home or business’ carpets clean. 

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