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Are You Struggling With Pet Odors In Your Fort Worth Home?

May 15, 2022 - Carpet Cleaning

Your furry friend may be the light of your life, but often your cat or dog contributes to an unpleasant pet odor in your home. Several things are causing this odor, such as accidents your pets may have had. You need to address this as soon as possible with professional carpet cleaning if you want to ensure your home smells fresh.

What Causes Strong Pet Odor In Homes?

Strong pet odor in homes is something that many pet owners have experienced throughout the years spent with their animals. Generally, the oils, bacteria, and yeast that naturally occur on your dogs and cats (though dogs tend to produce more oils than cats and can smell stronger) are shedded and cause these odors around your home. These particles will then rest in the carpet and can get buried deep, creating a lingering pet smell in your home no matter how much you vacuum or clean.

Your animals having accidents around the home are another primary culprit of pet odors caused by your animals. Both dog and cat urine and feces can be highly strong-smelling and sink deep into the carpets, flooring, or fabrics of your home, making it difficult to eradicate the aroma without professional help. 

Tips For Getting Pet Urine Out Of Carpets

Pet accidents happen, and they may seem like the end of the world for your clean carpets, but there are a few tips you can use to combat this problem:

  • As soon as pet urine happens on your carpet, you should cover the affected area with a thick layer of paper towels. You can place a newspaper on top of this to fully help draw out the urine.
  • After the urine is absorbed, throw away the soaked towels and newspaper and spread baking soda across the area. Leave this on overnight and vacuum it up in the morning.
  • For older pet urine stains or smells, mix a cup of white vinegar with warm water and a couple of teaspoons of baking soda. Spray this mixture on the affected area blot with towels until no moisture remains.

And remember, for tougher or older pet urine stains and smells, you should contact Power Steam Carpet Cleaning for professional assistance.

Natural Ways To Combat Household Pet Odor

In addition to cleaning pet urine up immediately, there are a few ways to naturally combat pet odor before you reach out to the professionals:

  • Cut an apple in half and place it around the smelly areas. It will absorb odors for up to six hours – remember to remove the apple after this time, or you might encounter a different foul smell.
  • Use a vinegar and water mixture on areas with older pet urine stains or generally smelly spots. 
  • Create a paste from baking soda or cornstarch and water and layer it over smelly areas. Let sit until it dries, and then vacuum it up.

Let Power Steam Carpet Cleaning Help! 

Only Power Steam Carpet Cleaning can help you with tough pet odors and stains. Our professional cleaning services will ensure that all pet odors, including urine, are removed from your home’s carpets and fabrics, freshening up the area and allowing you to breathe easily.

So, instead of struggling with pet odors, reach out to Power Steam Carpet Cleaning for more information today.

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