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How To Keep Pet Odors From Lingering In Your Fort Worth Home

March 15, 2023 - Cleaning Services

According to recent data from the American Veterinary Medical Association, more than 35% of U.S. households own a dog, and approximately 25% own a cat. While pet ownership is a fun and rewarding privilege, one possible drawback involves household pet odors that often develop on carpeting, upholstered furniture, and other materials. Pet odors may create an uncomfortable indoor environment for both homeowners and their guests. 

Are you seeking professional carpet cleaning in Fort Worth? An experienced carpet cleaning company like Power Steam Carpet Cleaning will efficiently solve problems with pet odor in Fort Worth homes.

Typical Causes Of Pet Odor In Carpets

As with most creatures, dogs and cats shed hair and produce oil and bacteria.  Once these materials enter your carpet, they might become deeply submerged amid foot traffic, making removal by vacuuming or spot cleaning increasingly difficult.  

Even well-trained pets might occasionally have an accident, which may cause unwanted staining and generate unpleasant odors on your carpeting. The smell of pet urine or feces often lingers, which might result from the presence of ammonia and other chemicals. This is why help from the best carpet cleaning company in Fort Worth is usually required.

Neutralizing Pet Smell In Your Carpets And Furniture

One of the possible problems that pet owners experience involves the presence of odors, particularly those emerging from carpeting, clothing, upholstered furniture, or other absorbent materials. Some of the best ways of neutralizing odors include:

  • Always respond to areas containing pet urine as soon as possible, as neutralizing the odor becomes increasingly more challenging over time. 
  • When urine exists on carpet or furniture, try absorbing the liquid using paper towels or newspaper. 
  • For moderate problems, evenly spread baking soda across the area and leave it overnight before vacuuming the next morning thoroughly. 
  • For more severe problems, create a mixture of warm water, white vinegar, and baking soda and apply using a spray nozzle. 
  • For minor absorption of odor not associated with urine, cut an apple in half, and place it near odorous areas for several hours.

When possible, consider employing preventative measures. For example, keep wet dogs off furniture or carpeting and consider using a blow dryer following a bath. Use old sheets or blankets as covers for chairs, sofas, and other furniture. 

Does Pet Odor Eventually Go Away On Its Own?

Pet odors become very stubborn in carpeting and other similar materials in your home, particularly when urine soaks in deeply. Pet owners should remain prepared for minor pet odor problems and seek assistance from a professional service provider for more significant concerns.

When replacing carpeting, homeowners with pets should remember the importance of changing the carpet and the padding as well. In many cases, pet urine will seep into the carpet fibers and might penetrate the padding. Consider choosing a water-resistant type of padding for your next carpeting project. 

Contact The Professionals To Neutralize Pet Odor The Easy Way

Are you searching for the best carpet cleaning company in this region? Since 1981, the team of local experts with Power Steam Carpet Cleaning has continually delivered positive results for residential and commercial clients in the greater Fort Worth region. We deploy many of the latest products and truck-mounted equipment in the carpet cleaning industry today. 

Our customers enjoy how our services leave carpeting clean, soft, and free of unwanted odors. For difficult stains, we use a powerful scrubbing method that achieves results. Many of our customers are pet owners facing unpleasant carpet odor. 

We will use a three-step process of deodorizing, sanitizing, and disinfecting for moderate pet odor. For more severe pet odor problems, we often use a flash rinse extraction process that penetrates deeply. 

In addition to professional carpet cleaning, we offer upholstery cleaning services, floor tile and grout cleaning services, and more. Contact us today regarding an estimate.

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