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Carpet Cleaning In Roanoke, TX

The right carpet can make your home warm, cozy, and inviting. But that same carpet can also hold dirt, pet hair, and plenty of other debris that you won’t be able to get out with a vacuum. Fortunately, Power Steam Clean is more than ready to help. 

Here’s what Roanoke residents should know about our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services, what to do if your carpet needs repair, and how to clean your carpet and furniture with Denton County carpet cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning In Roanoke

Any carpet, no matter the length or material, requires regular maintenance that not all homeowners have the tools or the time to keep up with. Anytime you have a spill, track in dirt, or just let pet hair accumulate, your carpet is becoming full of bacteria. 

Without professional cleaning, that build-up of bacteria can eventually stink up your home – and nothing makes it harder to enjoy your own space than an unpleasant lingering odor. At Power Steam Clean, we have over thirty years of experience and the tools, treatments, and training to ensure we leave your carpet sparkling new by the time we’re done. 

When you use our professional home carpet cleaning services, you’ll get: 

  • Our Dupont Teflon protection, which helps your carpets look “just like new” long after we’ve finished cleaning and minimizes future staining that you may encounter.
  • Our pet odor removal system, which uses powerful enzymes to break down, disinfect, and remove even the toughest pet odors in your carpet. 
  • Our free spot conditioning that allows us to remove even the toughest stains and spots that your carpet has picked up over the years.

It doesn’t matter if your stains are days or years old. With our powerful, professional cleaning solutions, we’ll have your home looking (and smelling) like new within just one treatment. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Roanoke

A clean carpet shouldn’t just be limited to residential homes. Many Roanoke businesses, including offices, apartment complexes, and more, rely on carpets to keep these spaces warm and inviting. Customers may think twice about buying from your store or spending time in your office if the carpet is dirty or in poor shape. 

Whether your commercial property is in desperate need of a clean or just a little maintenance, at Power Steam Clean, we’re up for the challenge. Over-the-counter tools won’t be able to completely rid your carpet of grime or bacteria, but our professional tools and trained specialists have what it takes to clean commercial carpets in Roanoke

We use truck-mounted equipment as well as modern cleaning solutions to get the job done – whether that’s dealing with stains, matted traffic areas, or heavy spots that regular tools can’t eliminate. 

Do Your Carpets Need Repair In Roanoke? Give Power Steam Clean A Call!

Is your carpet experiencing some wear and tear? Does it need a little restretching or reshaping? In some cases, carpets need more than just a deep clean – they need actual repairs, but we can do that at Power Steam Clean too. 

The longer you have carpet, the more it wears down. After years of heavy traffic, spills, and other damage, it’s only natural for your carpet to look a little worse for wear. With our thirty years of experience, there’s nothing we haven’t seen. From minor damage to large, matted traffic lanes and heavy stains, we’ve got the equipment to ensure we repair your carpet and leave it in much better shape than we found it. 

Cleaning & Deodorizing For Your Roanoke Home Furniture And Carpets

Your carpets aren’t the only thing in your home that deal with wear and tear over the years. If you’ve got furniture, it’s bound to deal with stains and other damage, which is why we can take on the furniture in your Roanoke home too. 

If you’ve got pets, the stakes are even higher for bacteria-ridden carpets and furniture. Not only will debris and pet hair naturally stick to your carpet, but any other messes that your pets make will too. 

This can leave unpleasant odors behind, but fortunately, our 3M Scotchgard and pet deodorizing service are more than capable. 

We’ve got high-quality tools as well as other tips and tricks to help us lift out stains, odors, and other messes that your furniture and carpets have accumulated. 

No matter what kind of messes or grime your pets leave behind, there’s nothing too tough for our deodorizing carpet system to tackle. 

If your Roanoke home or business needs carpet cleaning, there’s no reason to wait – contact us today at Power Steam Clean for a free estimate or to learn more about our services. 

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