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Saginaw, TX Carpet Cleaning

If you were looking to plant your roots and start a family or a business, it's no wonder you ended up in Saginaw! An inner suburb of Fort Worth, Saginaw is home to just under 25,000 residents and has two major railroad lines running through the center of the city. Because of its location, Saginaw is the perfect place to set up virtually any kind of business, as well as raise your kids, but still have a bit of privacy and some peace and quiet. However, with an increased population of people and pets coming inside, tracking in all kinds of mud and dirt, comes the need for professional Tarrant County carpet cleaning. Read on to learn how Power Steam Clean can help your home and business carpeting be spic and span today!

Residential Carpet Cleaning In Saginaw

As homeowners, we want our space to reflect our personalities and to feel warm and cozy. As a result, many of us opt to put in carpeting that does just that. While this choice of flooring does a good job hiding the dirt and grime that inevitably gets tracked inside, over time, that filth will begin to build up, potentially stirring up dust mites, bacteria, and other pathogens, which can be harmful to human and pet health. In fact, dirty carpets can disrupt the natural airflow of your home. Here at Power Steam Clean, we utilize state-of-the-art, truck-mounted equipment and many years of expertise to eliminate even the most stubborn stains and spots. We conduct an inspection and speak with you to understand what you are hoping to gain from our service and take notes in order to develop a residential treatment plan that is as unique as your carpets. With customer satisfaction at the center of our operation, you can count on us to provide the highest quality Tarrant County carpet cleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Saginaw

Here at Power Steam Clean, we have proudly served the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 40 years. We know full well how overwhelming running a business can be. However, despite the mounting responsibilities that come with keeping an operation running smoothly, it is important not to forget about the needs of your building, specifically, your carpets. If carpeting has been installed in your establishment, neglecting to have them professionally deep-cleaned could cause allergies and other health issues in your employees and patrons. Similar to our residential carpet cleaning services, our goal is to get to know you and your goals so that we may come up with the perfect plan to thoroughly clean your carpets. We offer one-time or recurring service plans, including cleaning, scrubbing, pressure treatments, and even furniture moving to ensure we reach all areas effectively. If you are worried about the cleanliness of your business's carpets, give us a call today!

Do At Home Pet Deodorizing Solutions Work For Carpets In Saginaw?

Many agree that a house is not a home without our beloved pets. However, over time, our pets do cause odor and grime to build up in our rugs and carpets, leading many of us to search for at-home, DIY pet deodorizing solutions.

However, we do not recommend these, and here's why:

  • Air fresheners: One of the most common methods people try is an air freshener or essential oils. However, these can be incredibly dangerous to your pet's health, with some even known to cause cancer in animals (and humans).
  • DIY concoctions: Some websites have you mixing all these different chemicals together to create some concoction to spread over your carpets and rugs. Not only are these simply ineffective and don't deep clean your carpets, but they can also be dangerous to pets.
  • Over-the-counter products: While the products you can buy at your local store are usually less dangerous to your pets; they are rarely enough to get the job done. It takes advanced, specific equipment to perform a deep clean on carpeting that is powerful enough to dredge up the buildup of grime and dirt.

If you are wondering what to do about your carpets, don't waste time and money (and possibly harm your beloved pets) by trying at-home methods. Give Power Steam Clean a call today!

The Best Way To Clean Your Drapes In Saginaw

It's not just our carpeting and rugs that need cleaning; our curtains and drapes collect almost as much dirt.

Because it can be confusing how best to clean these items, below are some tips to help you get started:

  • Vacuum them first: Take the drapes down and lay them on a clean, flat surface. Take a vacuum wand and first run it over the fabric to suck up clumps of dust and other debris.
  • Pre-treat stains: Next, you will want to pre-treat any obvious stains and wash those spots first to give them the extra attention they need.
  • Wash: In the washing machine, run the drapes through a cold water cycle in gentle mode.
  • Dry: You should dry drapes on low heat and take them out when they are still a bit damp.
  • Iron: This step is optional, but carefully iron the wrinkles out and then hang back up if you choose to do so.

If you are interested in learning how to clean the different parts of your home or business in a better way, give Power Steam Clean a call today!

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